"Every poem in this collection is like a delicious small plate with tantalizing aromas, combinations of textures, deep and complex flavors. And in the end, they satisfy and nourish. After reading Francesco’s poems I am inspired to climb on my red bicycle once again and ride into the wonders that this life always has to offer if we make the effort to experience it. Humorous, poignant, insightful, memorable, these poems are far from small watt bulbs. They shed light on the human experience in both grand and personal ways. Like all good poetry, the final effect is greater than the sum of its parts. Ideas, words and phrases, similes and metaphors are just the ingredients in this dish. And like great cuisine, the final dish is no better than the quality of the ingredients. Francesco Pasqualino has laid a banquet that is both delicious and satisfying."


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"This debut collection of poetry is both a reflection on physical changes in familiar streets and scenes from Francesco Pasqualino’s youth in Pittsburgh as well as his travels. It contains insightful musings on humanity, natural wonders, and life’s challenges. Mr. Pasqualino’s conversational style and accessible verse invite the reader to ride along on his red bicycle as he reveals poignant details about everyday experiences many might otherwise overlook. Jump aboard for an enjoyable, memorable ride." 


Reading Red Bicycle Dreams  felt like having a great conversation with a friend about art over a perfect cup of espresso. Francesco Pasqualino left me with a wonderful experience of thinking about the writing process and the eventual product of that process as a reader. Using his conversational style, he invites us into his exploration of poetry and the writing process. This conversational style reminds me of the conclusion of Rainer Maria Rilke's poem, "Pathways," where a writer pursues their solitary craft with one dream: "You come too." Pasqualino asks us to come too, and we are lucky to be invited along for the ride.

Reviewed by Brooke Palma

Mad Poets Society